Introducing GoBeep: The Go-To Marketing Tool for Breweries to Drive Revenue and Growth


Craft brewers typically don’t have the time or resources to devote to sophisticated marketing campaigns. Now they don’t need to. Brewers also have another problem – not having the cash, time, expertise or resources to build a mobile presence. We’ve solved that too. GoBeep is a new tool designed to help brewers drive revenue and growth, as well as foster a mobile community through personalized customer engagement. 

Our GoBeep mobile app allows brewery customers to opt in to share personal information and preferences on things like favorite beers and craft beer styles, atmosphere, occupation and demographics. Using these personalized insights, brewery owners can create more successful offers, events and experiences that increase sales and turn casual customers into dedicated fans.

We help brewers up their marketing game to deliver on consumer expectations for personalization. In the age of hyper-personalization (think Amazon and Netflix), consumers want to engage with brands that personalize communication and recommendations. Consider that 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them and 83% of consumers are willing to share their data to create a more a personalized experience.

Our solution was designed to ensure customers remain in control of the data they provide and retain the ability to stop sharing information at any time. This opt-out capability is a data privacy approach that elevates consumer trust with the brewery brand. Using GoBeep, breweries can access customer data and trends through a user-friendly online dashboard that monitors membership revenue, customer feedback and preferences, while also providing an easy interface to upload new offers, promotions, events, and more to the app, ultimately building a virtual community.  

We also digitize member club management, making it easy for breweries to access club membership records and seamlessly keep these records accurate through automatic updates. Brewery owners can use the self-reported customer preferences to segment marketing offers and campaigns, providing the right offers to the right customers at the right time and even send promotions to customers whose memberships are about to expire.

Brewers can tap into GoBeep to establish the deeper, more personalized connections with customers that are the business imperative today for driving revenue and growth. And they can do this without breaking the bank. Our affordable marketing solution is available to breweries for $49.99 a month, which includes the onboarding process.

By leaving the marketing to us, brewers can spend their time and resources on creating and innovating the next great craft beer.




To download the GoBeep app, visit the App Store or Google Play.

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